Monday, February 2

Pocket Letter Pals~

Hi and Hello! I know it's been so very long since I posted. Well, I am back and I have something really fun to share with you. Pocket Letter Pals. What to heck is that, you ask? 

This is a pocket Letter. The idea came from the brilliant Janette Lane. Check out her blog for all of the specifics and a great video too. Basically, it's a fun way to send Pen Pal letters in a 9 pocket trading card sleeve. Each pocket holds various little treasures (sticky notes, pretty paper clips, tags, tea, washi tape samples, and a letter). 

This is what it looks like from the back. A few extra odds and ends. 

I made three in one sitting. They are pretty much the same minus a few small details. I thought I would share them all with you anyway. :)

Want to know what is in each pocket? Starting at the top from left to right 1. A handmade Art Card with date, 2. Washi Tape samples, 3. tags & brads, 4. stamped card & sticky gems, 5. Sticky Notes and fun clip, 6. Tea & Smashbook card, 7. Paper goodies, 8. more paper goodies, 9. Letter and a Moo Art Card with my info on it.

All I have left to do is write a letter to the recipient and send it in the mail. I can't tell you how much I LOVE getting happy mail and I hope that these put a smile on someone's face! If you are interested in learning more about Pocket Letter Pals you can find them on Instagram #PocketLetterPals, #PocketLetter or   there is also a group on Facebook. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Bonita Rose said...

Yours are great! You go girl.. I hvn't started mine yet.. but plan to this week/weekend.. yay! So much fun right? LOVE YOURS!

Janette said...

Steph! Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I have one SUPER huge favor to ask you. It'll help my blog a ton! When you link to my name can you link to "Janette Lane" and not just "Janette" It makes a world of difference and I'd love you forever!! :)



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