Sunday, March 1

Making Pocket Letters

Hey friends! I'm back with another little Pocket Letter video. :)

It's so much fun to make them, I just can't help myself. I hope to have another video to share later in the week.


Want to see more Pocket Letter videos? Visit my Youtube channel. :)

Saturday, February 28

Chase Your Bliss~

"Inspiration exists but it has to find you working."
~Pablo Picasso

Sometimes you just have to paint and repaint until something comes together. Sometimes you get lucky and the end result is so much better than you could ever have hoped for. Sometimes I stand back and think to myself "I created that?". Sometimes I believe that I am an artist and that following this creative path isn't some crazy scheme I made up to justify my craft stash. Sometimes it isn't enough to simply follow your bliss, you have to CHASE it! Sometimes.


Chase Your Bliss is an 11" x 14" mixed media painting on canvas.

Tuesday, February 24

Viva la Pocket Letter!

Hello friends! We had a crazy weekend here, which I will share later in the week. I finally made it to my PO Box and had three lovely Pocket Letters waiting from me. Yay, for Happy Mail!

These gorgeous happy letters seriously made my day! They came to me from Ohio, Georgia, and Canada! I just couldn't get over the care and love that went into each of them. It made me feel really spoiled. I am do excited to fill my Pocket Letter binder with these beautiful treasures from new friends all around the globe. Long live snail mail! :) I wanted to share what is in each lovely little pocket so I filmed a Pocket Letter video.

If you would like more information about Pocket Letters you can check out #PocketLetterPals on Instagram, there is a group on Facebook or you can visit Janette Lane's blog. She is the creator of the Pocket Letter concept and has many resources on her blog. There are also a lot of pictures popping up on Pinterest if you want some Pocket Letter inspiration. 

That's all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by.

Just as a word of advice, as much as I love happy mail please exercise caution when exchanging personal information with people you meet online. :

Monday, February 23

Scenes from a sketch book

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest. I took full advantage of the loveliness and headed outside, sketchbook in hand.
It was so refreshing to sit and just doodle these cute little wormhole doodles. I first saw this idea from Teesha Moore. I can't wait to make some more. That's all for now. I'm headed back out to enjoy the sunset. 

Monday, February 16

Getting Postale~

We are having an early Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. It makes me feel really bad for my friends to the East who are buried under record snow. Still, it was a holiday today which means NO SCHOOL, I was grateful that the littles could play outside! I mailed a big batch of Pocket Letters off to my friends on Friday. Today I was able to finish my list with these little lovies!

I used retired Making Memories Postcard scrapbook paper. I had 4 to make so I kept all of them mostly the same. I loaded the pockets up with paper star cutouts, tea, sticky notes, a moo business card, letter, ribbon bookmark, punch out quote, stickers, mini tags, canvas label, paper flowers, and washi tape samples. I so hope my pals like them. I really have had fun making these little Pocket Letters. It's awesome knowing that something I have made is out there in the world, hopefully brightening someones day. I received three of them on Friday and they are so beautiful and made me feel so nice. I will share the completed PocketBook (as creator Janette Lane calls them :)) with you once I receive all of my swaps. I think I am done swapping for now but, it has been such a lovely experience I just had to share it here. Sending you sunshine and warm weather wherever you are.

You can read all about Pocket Letters on Janette Lane's blog.

Tuesday, February 10

More Pocket Letters~

Run by post today friends. I have come down with a horrible cold. I just got the kid's out the door for school and my plan is to climb back into bed and sleep. Before I do that I wanted to share a few more Pocket Letters with you. I am quite addicted to making these little beauties! It's just so much fun!!!

Saturday I was able to make a few of them. I love how I am using up my stash. I chose two coordinating sheets of retired Stamping' Up! paper so that it would coordinate and look all purdy!

This is just a slight variation of the one above it. 

For this one I thought it would be fun to "think pink"! :) Lots of little odds and ends tucked into these precious little pockets (washi tape, cut outs, mini tags, tea, sticky notes, paper flags, paper flowers and a few embellished cards). Just like before I have included a mini Moo business card that has my art work on it, for fun and it has my contact info. Really I just think it adds a little bit more of my personality into what I am sending.
If you want more information on this awesome Pocket Letter adventure the creator Janette Lane has some great resources on her blog.
Well, I am off to bed. TTFN!

Wednesday, February 4

Something Special~

Good Morning friends! I haven't done much creating in the past few months. I just haven't felt like it. However, I did make one special piece in December for my lovely sister-in-law Teresa. As I have mentioned before we had a pretty bad 2014 and she was there for my husband and myself in so many ways. I wanted to make a little something special for her to show how much she means to us.

This piece took many twists and turns before it made it's way to being complete. I used a color palette that I normally would not dream of using and I LOVED it! When I was getting ready to assemble the raised elements it wasn't feeling quite like enough to me. Being me (messy girl) and the chaos that is December I happened to have a slew of cardboard boxes littering my craft around. It was a  happy accident that I reached for the cardboard and it turned out to be the perfect balance of texture for me. So, we have a 6"x6" canvas panel with layers of paint, sewing pattern tissue paper (perfect because Teresa is brilliant at all things sewing), book paper, twine, stamps, text, pen, marker, and of course splats, doodles and droplets of love and thanks. I think the metal Love charm is from Tim Holtz. That pretty much wraps it up for today. Have a fabulous day and I hope to be back soon with more painty goodness.

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