Friday, September 5

Hello Sunshine~

Hi and hello friends! I have been in such a funk lately. Not much creating going on and really just no creative energy. I was a dead battery. Maybe it's the kid's going back to school, or that Summer is over and I can feel Fall beckoning to me (it's my season) but yesterday I had the best creative energy. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time. 

I figured it might be best to start with a little creative exercise, stretch those creative muscles and such, so I headed for my trusty art journal. You can never go wrong in your art journal. I can not express the wonderful feeling of having my hands in paint, for me it is like mana! From that exercise Hello Sunshine was born and I am in love! There isn't anything terribly technical going on here just simplicity and sometimes that is best. I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I do. I can not wait to get back in the studio and paint some more. I think it's going to be a wonderful art season. Have a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, September 4

Back To School Cool~

Today is the day! You know, the one where we trade lazy mornings for up with the sun and rush to get everyone ready and out the door. The kids were all up early, filled with first day excitement and nerves.

Some wise people say "happy wife, happy life." I personally subscribe to the theory that a well caffeinated teacher is a happy one! So, it really can't hurt to start the year off with a little "getting to know you" gift. Seriously, though I just spent an entire Summer with my children and I appreciate how hard teachers work! The mini glassine gift bags are from Target, and unfortunately I can't remember where the Washi tape is from. I decided to keep it simple, (especially since in true Steph fashion, I left it to the last minute) $5 gift card, a few Cafe Rio Coffee caramels and the card. Easy breezy!

The card is nothing to write home about but seeing as how I stamp so infrequently these days I'm putting it out there. The stamp is from a retired? Stampin' Up! set that has been collecting dust, and desperately wanted to be come out and play. :)

Oh, yeah Martha Stewart's got nothing on me! ;) I had this whole back to school lunch thing planned out in my head last night, fresh fruit salad, PB&J "Sushi", and homemade granola, of course it really would have been helpful if I had ensured that we had the ingredients for this dream meal or if the children would eat it. 

What would BTS be without the first day photos? Some were more cooperative then others. Just one more I hissed, no don't touch your sister, please, just smile, we are almost done! Oy! 7:45am and I already need a break, sure hope I can convince the three year old that "big girls" take naps, I know this one needs one. How many more days until Winter break?

Tuesday, September 2

Soaking Up Summer~

The kid's go back to school in 2 days so we are soaking up ever last ounce of Summer! 

summery nails, just because!

Back to school shopping with the boys. This kid only wanted 2 things and darned if they weren't nearly impossible to find.

A quick bite at Panera Bread between stores. Getting boys to try one clothes is exhausting! ;)

Tay was so excited to have a bowl made out of bread, it was as big as his head. LOL.

Separate shopping trip with this girl. She is a little shopaholic in the making, she  so does not get that from me.

This little pixie girl has been extra huggie lately, I'll take a sweet little snuggle any day! The baby elephant is just because I wanted to see if I could draw an elephant. It's a work in progress. I'm off to soak up the last of our lazy summer. See you in a few with some big art stuff!

Friday, August 22


So, I was talking to myself the other day. You know to clear out the cobwebs, that's normal, right? It seems like lately that I can only find my creative flow at Target. I'm not sure what my creativity is doing at Target, perhaps enjoying an end of summer shopping spree but none the less there is was lounging between the poly blend and easy care sheets. Words and ideas starting whizzing around my mind like a ball in a squash court. I really should have written them down because by the time I got home my brain went back to the creativity of paper or plastic. Alas, all I have to show for my epiphany is a humble art journal page but at least it is something.

I despise my own hypersensitiveness, which requires so much reassurance. It is certainly abnormal to crave so much to be loved and understood. ~Anais Nin

Oh, the brilliance of Anias Nin! She so appeals to my broody, melancholy soul. We have all of the usual players on this page, paint, Sharpie oil marker, ink, pen, stamps, stencils & washi tape. That is it in a nut shell. Just some play time and I think we can agree that we all could use a little more of that. ;) Anyway, I have to wrangle my four children into some sort of presentable state before I dash to my paying gig. Have a beautiful weekend my lovelies!

Sunday, August 17

This is Oregon~

This weekend marked my 11th wedding anniversary. We hadn't made any big plans and we didn't have a sitter so we decided to go for a drive. This of course meant that we needed snacks so we stopped at Target and then we jumped in the car and hit the road. We have been taking a lot of drives this summer so it's a bit of a challenge to go somewhere "new". Once a year we drive down the Barlow Trail (think old time Oregon Trail.) This is deep in the heart of the Mt. Hood national forest. Think trees, rutted roads, washouts, and plenty of fresh air. The kids especially love the bumpy roads. 

We stopped at a bridge so the kids could throw rocks in a creek.

Lily loved a few minutes out of her carseat. 

It's a real challenge for us to get "lost". We took roads we have never traveled and found ourselves emerging from the lush forest into plains with towering brown bluffs. The view was breathtaking. It made us feel like we were the first people to discover this land. Well, if you ignore the paved road and fences. Tee hee!

We wound ourselves to the Deschutes river, which is a serious body of thrashing, raging water. However, the color was the most lovely turquoise/emerald green I have ever seen. 

Then we found ourselves driving up this steep little road with (mostly) no guard rails and being not so fond of heights it was all I could do to ward off a full out panic attack. I did manage to take a few pictures of the brown, pillowy land. It was awe inspiring to behold, you know when I wasn't holding on for dear life.

We encountered stretches of mostly flat earth, stretched out as far as you could see. Dry grass, an occasional bird or a tumbling tumble weed. We kept trucking, all the while chatting about how nice it would be to have a little piece of this solitude to call our own. Isn't it nice to dream?

It took so much longer then we expected to get back to the main highway (200 miles total). We stopped and got our starving children McDonald's. They'd had their fill of snacks. I have always loved this drive down the Columbia river gorge. There were so many people out in their boats and wind surfing, it must have felt lovely and cool on this hot day! We even saw a barge or two. I felt so lucky to live in Oregon where we have such a vast array of scenery. If you want it we probably have it! This is Oregon!
Until next time.

Friday, August 15

Journey of the Journal~

I love journals; big ones, little ones, hand-made or store bought. I have been keeping a journal for as long as I can remember. When I saw this video by Paulus Berensohn I just ached to make my own journal. So I ran out and bought the things that I needed to create my journal and then life got in the way. My lovely supplies sat untouched for months. *GASP* I know, it made me sad too. Fast forward to the other day. I was surfing around on Youtube and I found this amazing video by Sea Lemon on how to coptic stitch. Perfection!

After drooling over this video I decided that it was time to jump right in and finally make my journal. I gathered my materials.

Embroidery Needle
Lineco Binder's Thread
Canson Cold Press 140LB Watercolor Paper 
Canson Recycled 96LB Bristol Paper
The Board from the back of the Bristol Board Pad (for the front and back cover)

I  folded all of the pages in half, 12 of each. I alternated between the the two kinds of paper. Due to the thickness of the paper each page needed to be stitched as it's own signature.

At one point I accidentally stitched my finger to the journal. It didn't hurt but it was silly and annoying.

It took me two days to make the journal from start to finish. There was something amazing and beautiful about stitching each page. Due to the texture and sturdiness of this journal I decided that it will be an art journal. For that purpose I chose to leave the front and back cover unadorned, for now. I will wait and see what comes of it. I loved the whole process so much that I will definitely be making more journals. I think I might even try my hand at making my own paper. Just what I needed, a new craft addiction. ;)
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 6

January Painting by Belinda Fireman

Belinda Fireman's painting are so amazing! I think I could watch her paint all day! I just had to share.


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