Monday, August 24

Not My Monkeys~

Occasionally I am asked to create a painting for someone based on a phrase or word (non-copyrighted). This past Spring I was asked to create such a piece for "Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys". I have to say that this piece challenged me in so many ways. It stood in front of my like a giant wall and I wasn't sure how to get past it. Well the only way out is through. I was completely over thinking the whole thing, to the point of paralysis. I started small, with a notebook and some sketches. I practiced the letters for weeks. I drew and erased the figures many times, and moved them around. Just when I had finished the pencil copy of the letters I realized that they were too large and wouldn't work with the rest of the design. I had to frog the whole thing and start over. My deadline loomed large and I wasn't even close to completing it. So, I walked away from it for a few days and painted other pieces. I needed to find my creative happy place again, and it worked. I was able to come back to this piece with a sense of refreshment. Things started to fall into place, finally! This piece became a real labor of love! I'm really happy with the finished piece and more importantly my client was too! 

All in all I am grateful for creative challenges, the kind that take you so far out of your comfort zone they scare you a little. I mean what's the fun in playing it safe? :)

Not My Monkeys is an 8"x10" Mixed Media Painting on canvas.

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