Wednesday, September 23

Shedding my Creative Skin~

This whole month has been a time of change in my creative life. I admit I am not a big fan of change, who is? However, I am more certain then ever that this change is good, and maybe even necessary. I feel like I am shedding my creative skin. Although slightly painful and uncertain, I think what emerges will prove to be a better, stronger version of myself. I am throwing out my preconceived notions of what I can do, and trying things I have never dared before.The result is invigorating and delightful. I had forgotten how much fun it was to play. Here is the beginning of my adventure, aptly titles "Faith". She is a mixed media collage painting on canvas. It was an amazing feeling to work with paint and charcoal pencils. To create something completely me. One might even call it art therapy. Thanks for stopping by~


Teresa said...

The collage is even more stunning in person. I truly believe you have found your artistic calling. Best wishes on your new creative journey! XOXO T

timandskh said...

I cannot wait to see this in person if you'll show me! I am so proud of your inspirational attitude and strength Steph. I love you!
And also I cannot believe that you put our website on here that is so fabulously kind of you!

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