Tuesday, January 22

Scattering Stars~

Stacks of art journals. Just one of those things that tugs at my heart strings. It gives me such a warm feeling. A simple delight. It makes me aks myself how I could have possibly gone so long without it?

I am throughly loving working in my new smaller art journal. It does have it's unique challenges but, I am looking past them and creating with wild abandon. It's so very freeing! To just be. To see where the paper and paint will take me. To investigate and listen to what my heart is whispering to me. 

The days have been so gray here lately. Frozen winter but, the sun still wants to shine and when it does you will find me next to the window with art journal in hand. Ready and willing to dig a little deeper, rip some paper or maybe my heart. Spill every secret with each drop of paint until it's all down. EVERY LAST BIT OF IT!

"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust."

Are you still there? What is your heart whispering to you?

Listen to this and you will hear it! Jars of Clay~ Hand

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