Thursday, September 12

Week In The Life~ Wednesday

We are nearing the end of a heat wave. Yesterday was a scorcher! It isn't particularly unusual around here to be warm in September, however my heart had officially shifted from Summer BBQ's, sunscreen, and ice tea to pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and all things Fall. My true love! Here's a glimpse at what Wednesday looks like around here.

Lunches. The baby liberated a few fruit snacks.



Waiting for the bus

Jumping on beds...



Once again it seemed much harder to take pictures the later in got in the day. I think maybe there were just too many things going on. I am really loving this project. I think if nothing else, I am looking at our day with new eyes. I can see places where I can do more and other times where we need to slow down. I can't wait to see what Thursday has in store for us. Have a good one!


Chez Terez said...

Love this post! I want you to pack my lunches :)

Chez Terez said...

Not sure if my last comment made it but I love this post and want you to pack my lunches! :)

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