Friday, August 15

Journey of the Journal~

I love journals; big ones, little ones, hand-made or store bought. I have been keeping a journal for as long as I can remember. When I saw this video by Paulus Berensohn I just ached to make my own journal. So I ran out and bought the things that I needed to create my journal and then life got in the way. My lovely supplies sat untouched for months. *GASP* I know, it made me sad too. Fast forward to the other day. I was surfing around on Youtube and I found this amazing video by Sea Lemon on how to coptic stitch. Perfection!

After drooling over this video I decided that it was time to jump right in and finally make my journal. I gathered my materials.

Embroidery Needle
Lineco Binder's Thread
Canson Cold Press 140LB Watercolor Paper 
Canson Recycled 96LB Bristol Paper
The Board from the back of the Bristol Board Pad (for the front and back cover)

I  folded all of the pages in half, 12 of each. I alternated between the the two kinds of paper. Due to the thickness of the paper each page needed to be stitched as it's own signature.

At one point I accidentally stitched my finger to the journal. It didn't hurt but it was silly and annoying.

It took me two days to make the journal from start to finish. There was something amazing and beautiful about stitching each page. Due to the texture and sturdiness of this journal I decided that it will be an art journal. For that purpose I chose to leave the front and back cover unadorned, for now. I will wait and see what comes of it. I loved the whole process so much that I will definitely be making more journals. I think I might even try my hand at making my own paper. Just what I needed, a new craft addiction. ;)
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