Monday, February 16

Getting Postale~

We are having an early Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. It makes me feel really bad for my friends to the East who are buried under record snow. Still, it was a holiday today which means NO SCHOOL, I was grateful that the littles could play outside! I mailed a big batch of Pocket Letters off to my friends on Friday. Today I was able to finish my list with these little lovies!

I used retired Making Memories Postcard scrapbook paper. I had 4 to make so I kept all of them mostly the same. I loaded the pockets up with paper star cutouts, tea, sticky notes, a moo business card, letter, ribbon bookmark, punch out quote, stickers, mini tags, canvas label, paper flowers, and washi tape samples. I so hope my pals like them. I really have had fun making these little Pocket Letters. It's awesome knowing that something I have made is out there in the world, hopefully brightening someones day. I received three of them on Friday and they are so beautiful and made me feel so nice. I will share the completed PocketBook (as creator Janette Lane calls them :)) with you once I receive all of my swaps. I think I am done swapping for now but, it has been such a lovely experience I just had to share it here. Sending you sunshine and warm weather wherever you are.

You can read all about Pocket Letters on Janette Lane's blog.

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