Monday, March 23

Doctor Who Pocket Letter~

I have a confession. I am a nerd girl and a Whovian. I just adore Doctor Who! It was only a matter of time before my love of Pocket Letters collided with my love of Doctor Who. The result is so fantastic I'm sure it will send a ripple effect of awesomeness into the cosmos. Well, maybe not that far. ;)

This picture shows the bookmark that I included. I handmade most of it. Some of the products I purchased from Etsy. There is a pretty awesome selection of Doctor Who products there. A few of the images I borrowed from online. They are not my property, and I am giving credit where I can.

The view without the bookmark and washi tape paperclip flag. I really hope that my friend likes it! She is making me a Doctor Who Pocket Letter too. I have to admit that this turned out so well that I am making one for my own collection. I just can't help myself, it makes my geeky little heart go pitterpat! 
I have included a list with links to the Etsy stores down below. If you would like to see the full tutorial of this pocket letter check out the video. As ever thank for stopping by! Allons-y!

River Song & The Doctor. BatamBB at Etsy~

River Song Name Tag. Blackout Art~

Tardis Charm. Overstock Outlet~

Tardis Magnet. Lady Grey Shop~

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