Monday, April 20

Bring on the pocket letters!

Hidee ho friends! I am so behind in sharing my pocket letters, both outgoing and incoming. I seriously have about 10 on my desk waiting to have their mug shots. There are all so lovely and painstakingly crafter that I can't just shove them in the binder without their proper due. I think I may have a sickness. ;)

Still, there are worse things in the world then having piles of happy mail waiting for you. I have been busy with life stuff, and Sherbert Ink stuff. I have big plans in the works. Shh, don't tell! Teehee. In the meantime please excuse the dust around here as I move stuff around and make things sparkly and new. I promise it will be worth it.

Outgoing from me.

Also outgoing from me. I am loving these layers!

Ok, kids that is all I have for now. I must get some laundry done before my family stages a dirty laundry sit-in. xoxo~

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