Friday, September 30

Passing The Torch~

Today I am bidding farwell to my time as the Pink Torchbearer for Amber Ink! It has been an amazing month and I have had so much fun representing the pink team, hanging out in the (th)ink tank with the other awesome September torchbearers!

 It's been a joy and a pleasure working with Amber and Pam! They are brilliant, witty, generous, and just plain FABULOUS! :) Seriously, I would hid my torch and carry on if I wasn't passing it to such a mega talented chick. Drum roll please....... Carrying the Amber Ink torch for team pink is none other then the crafty genius Sarah Gough of THinkING STAMPS! I have been a big fan of her work for a long time and I have to admit that I almost fell out of my chair when she agreed to catch the torch from me! I can't wait to see what she creates for us in October. I know that we are all in for a real treat! Run Sarah Run, may your torch burn brightly! :)

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Pam said...

Awwww...Steph. You are too kind with your words! We've loved loved loved everything you've done to make us look so good! I'm sure that the pink team thanks you for the continuation of such a strong lineage. Don't run too far - we're leaving the light on for ya at the alumni house! See ya soon ;)

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