Tuesday, November 8

Happy Birthday Blog Hop~

Happy Birthday to Timbo, the man behind the pen (Pig Pen?) at Hambo Stamps!
The Bacon Bits are surprising Tim with a little birthday fun today and we would love to have you join us in celebrating! If you just happened by, be sure to start at Karin's blog for the whole story and to have a chance at winning the birthday prize!
This is the tale of how Cat got to Tim's party!

Cat woke with delight,
at Dawn's early light
for today was a special day! 

It was November 8
And she didn't want to be late.
Her friends would all be there

Now Cat had a gift,
But she needed a lift
to get to the special occasion.

She said with despair
"I'll never get there.".
I'll miss the celebration.

Then what a surprise
 should appear before her eyes
out across the field?

A hot air balloon,
that was taking off soon.
She was filled with excitement and glee!

So without delay
she was on her way,
making haste across the field.

She jumped in the basket.
The rush was fantastic,
as the balloon took to the sky.

But it wasn't long
before the wind was too strong.
Pushing the balloon off course.

"I can not land
in a gale so grand!"
Said the balloon man to the feline.

Outfitted with parachute and goggle
Yes, the sight did make the mind boggle.
Who had ever seen such a getup on a cat?

She sailed from the balloon,
and not a moment too soon.
For they were nearing the haunted wood.

Cat wasn't lucky you see,
for she got stuck in a tree
right there in the dark, gloomy forest.

"What shall I do?"
She said with a mew.
Now she'd miss the party for sure!

"I'll count to three
and cut myself from this tree!"
She said to herself reluctantly.

She opened her paws,
cut the cord with her claws
and landed in a passing sidecar.

It was her friend Horace
who was racing through the forest,
to deliver the birthday cake.

What luck that they should meet,
and that he had an empty seat
in his motorcycle.

Over hills they flew
for it was a quarter to two,
the party would be starting soon.

Without a moment to spare
Horace and Cat arrived there.
To greet their friends on the farm.

They had all gathered you see,
for a delightful jubilee
to celebrate a very special friend.

With lights, music, and mountains of food.
The farm was in a very festive mood.
They would surely party down all night!

They all shouted "Surprise!" 
when the guest of honor arrived,
to celebrate his special day.

Now Cat had risked life and limb
to wish Happy Birthday to her favorite friend Tim.
She wished him the very merriest of days!

And that is the crazy tale you see,
of how Cat traveled to Tim's party
and where our story does end.

Now off to Jessica's blog, where you can see what happens next at Timbo's Birthday Bash! If you get lost, here is the order of birthday fun:
Talk to the Ham

 Thanks for stopping by to help celebrate Tim's birthday! Don't forget to leave some "hogwash" in the comments section!
Have a great day~

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Crystal said...

Hogwash !!! What a great story!!!

Judy Rozema said...

STEPH!! I am so impressed with your story!! What a fun and adventurous tale for Cat!! I love it! (And your card is adorable too!!)

Karin said...

How creative are you?! I'm in awe of your poem and your cute colorful card!

Monica Hunter said...

OMG - An absolutely awesome and creative story Stephanie!! Poor cat definitely had an adventure, but I'm so glad he made it to the party! :)

golf_meg said...

What a cute little kitty! from Martha

Pat said...

Oh, Steph, I love your poem, and am glad to see I'm not the only one who likes a good rhyme some of the time! Happy birthday to Timbo, and three cheers to the plucky Cat!

Melissa said...

OMG girl you even made your story into a poem! LOVE IT!!!!

Scrapalajen said...

Happy bday Timbo and I love your beautiful poem Steph. Timbo should be proud!

Whimsey said...

Oh my gosh Steph - your poem ROCKS; I just love it and laughed all the way through!

Marvelous card; love the bright colors!

Timbo said...

Awesome story Stephanie!! That story may need to be illustrated. Thanks so much!

The Paper Parade said...

WOW! What an awesome story/poem you wrote for Tim! It was so fun to read :) I just love it! And of course the card is adorable, as usual...couldn't expect anything less from you!

Debbie S. said...

Love the poem. You're a poet and we didn't know it!! Great story. Hooray for the Cat!!

Libby Hickson said...

Wow Steph, your poem is fantastic!! And your card is adorable!! Yay! Great post. :-)

Anonymous said...

cute card and story to go along with it!
linda patti tpatti@windstream.net

Ida said...

What a fun "tail" (Tale) you've told here. - Cute card, I love kitties.

Kathy Vogel said...

I love your colorful card.

Hey Hey Paula said...

Loved your poem & your card. Glad cat made it to the party!

CrazyCuteCards said...

Cat has an interesting story:)

Andrea said...

So cute! I love the kitty and your poem was awesome!!

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