Wednesday, January 16


Today, I got so lost in creating that I forgot about lunch. My girls kindly reminded me. "Mom, we wanna eat!"! They don't buy the "Just five more minutes!" excuse. :)

So here it is. HOME. Brought to you by steaming mugs of English Tea and inspiration from Christy Tomlinson. Mixed Media genius! Seriously, check her out! She is brilliant! I dug deep into my stash and found rub-ons from ages ago, more dry wall tape (LOVE), paper, stickers, my new stipple brush, random pattern paper, loads of doodling with my PITT artist pen, and my Sailor white gel pen. This really was just play time. I LOVE the result. The words read "Her home was built with love", I cut them from an old book. Funny story my husband (who seldom reads for pleasure) picked up the book and was enjoying it. I didn't know this, until one day he commented that the pages of his book were disappearing. "That's for my art, Silly." I told him. Guess i'll have to scout the thrift stores for another copy. LOL! Thanks so much for stopping by!

What I am listening to today. Lumineers

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