Thursday, January 17

Heart Art~

Hi and hello there! I am amazed at how invigorating all of this art has been. Usually after I am done creating I feel a little tired. Need a stretch and a drink of water. Not lately. I can not get enough. Sketches and crafty ideas swirl around in my mind at night like a constant lullaby.

I really wish you could see this piece up close. It has so many juicy, interesting bits of texture. It is a departure from my normal pallette and I LOVE it! So much joy in the process! It's sparkly! How can you go wrong with that?

So much of my heart is poured into my art. It's more then just paper and paint for sure. In so many ways this captures who I am in a way a photograph of me never could. Plus, it makes me pretty darned happy! :) What more can one ask for, really?  Thank you for stopping by.

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