Wednesday, January 30

She Believed~

Over the weekend I managed to take a trip to Blicks Art Materials. I have of course known about this store for a long time but, had not realized that there was one near my house. We were running some errands and I decided to pop in to have a quick peek while my husband and kiddos waited in the car. Which really probably was a good thing. It's like a magical art land, filled with so many wonderful supplies. I think I seriously could have spent hours. I was good and limited myself to 15 minutes, it was a real challenge! LOL. I snagged a few new art goodies and had to wait until today to play with them.

While I am not going to sit and pick apart this piece I will say that it turned out a little bit muddier than I intended. I love the girl. It is a crazy amazing moment for me when I am drawing a girl and all of a sudden she burst forth from the page. I seriously makes my little heart pidder patter! It reads "She Believed She Could So She Did". That is why she has wings. Loads of lovely texture here. Including some Light Modeling Paste (swoon)! 

Until next time. Go have a messy adventure!

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