Monday, January 14

She Shattered the Boundaries~

What I am sharing today is truly a lesson in bravery. Here is where the unapologetic bit comes in.

Not all of my creations are going to be lovely and that is ok. The texture makes me dizzy with happiness. I love the message and maybe that is what really matters. I was in the moments and I created something. END OF STORY!

Fun and funky! I will stop picking at the bones of my creations. What I used to create this journal page. Dry wall tape, gold foil from a brandied cherry wrapper. There is no end to what I will create with. :) My black 199 Faber-Castell PITT artist pen for doodling. A few random letters that were sitting on my page and just had to be used. It's all here. Most importantly the reminder to myself that I am shattering the boundaries of myself. Let us hold hands and share our naked, unapologetic art. No judgment here (please don't send me naked pictures ;))!

Happy Monday!

Today I am listening to the Lumineers. Enjoy!

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Chris / CS Designs said...

Steph, This is wonderful, so expressive and outside the box. I love the original artwork and the rich textures but most of all I love that it contains such a big part of your own imagination.
:) Chris / CS Designs

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