Friday, January 11

The Word~

The beginning. I really feel like this year is a fresh start in so many ways. Maybe it's because I finally got my creative mojo back. I'm not sure where it was hiding but, I am welcoming it in and treating it to tea and biscuits. This year my word is BRAVE. Are you familiar with One Little Word? For more on this brilliance visit Ali's blog. She really is the most inspirational! For me Brave is the word. I have been so fearful for so long of many things. This year I am throwing back the shutters, digging deep and letting it all out. In terms of my art and my blog this means sharing my love for creating Mixed Media art. I started this blog originally for this purpose but, somewhere along the way I felt too inadequate. So I stopped creating all together. Switched gears and crafted but, deep down I just didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. This past month I have done a lot of soul searching and praying. Trying to find my purpose. About a week a go feeling very heavy hearted I asked God "Please give me some direction!". I ran across Christy Tomlinson's blog. I watched one of her video tutorials and was so over come with inspiration that I cleared off my dining room table, dug my old art journal out (blew off the dust), and started to create like a mad woman. I was so overwhelmed with this energy, this hunger to just create! So here we are a week later. I have made something every day since and I feel so light. It's amazing really! For me being BRAVE means sharing what I have created. Being unapologetic about my art and taking it as it comes. If you aren't bored to tears by now then fasten your seatbelt. You are about to be blasted with days and days of my creations. :)

Life is an adventure... Let's see where this takes us.

P.S. Because every journey should have a soundtrack. Let's start with Jars of Clay~ Frail!

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