Thursday, February 21

Wild and Free~

One of the things I love about art, is that it is a great adventure. For me anyway! I have learned so much from just letting go. Letting my art guide me and not trying to force the process or be someone else. Do you ever find yourself looking at other people's artwork and judging yourself against it? Let's see how we match up! Well, I have been making a conscious effort to not let myself go there. This is my art journey and I am having so much fun seeing where it takes me!

For a long time I have been the kind of person who cares more about other people's opinions than my own. Maybe that is why this artful adventure feels like flying. I am only listening to me. A few weeks ago I decided to take a leap and try something different than I had ever tried before. I followed Teesha Moore's tutorial for making my own art journal and I got to work filling it. I must admit that this process takes quite a bit longer then a "normal" art journal page, or even canvas usually takes me. Still there was something very zen about just grabbing some pens and getting funky. I especially loved playing around with lettering. So here you have it, fun & funky! It says~

"Art will be my great adventure. I will create a world with limitless boundaries. 
Wild and free. That is how I want to create. Each and every day blissfully."

Doesn't it sound wonderfully freeing to create everyday with limitless boundaries? I sure think so. I must go, the blank page is call me. What will you create today?

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