Tuesday, March 12

Where to go from here?

It seems like my weekends just keep getting busier and busier! So much so that when Monday rolls around, I have to take a breath and catchup on chores, instead of getting into the studio and painting. Like I really want to do. I still have several unfinished pieces. Just waiting for me to pick them back up and make them complete. Unfortunately, I am seriously lacking focus right now. Why is that I wonder?

I don't usually prefer to share my unfinished work but, this little lady has been sitting for a month in this state. Sort of in limbo. Whatever is to become of her? She has something to say, I just can't figure out what it is. In the mean time I will share adorable puppy pictures with you.

Meet Miss Daisy. She is the new love of my life. She is a German Shepherd/Lab puppy we got from the shelter a month ago. We are talking serious puppy love here folks! She just melts my heart. So when I am feeling stumped in the studio I can take a break and rub her belly. It's a win-win!
In other news. I started the Art of Spring workshop today from Christy Tomlinson and Junelle Jacobsen. I am so darned excited for this class!!! It feels like Christmas morning! I just can't wait to dive in and see what they have to teach. My heart is open and ready to receive all of the goodness I know is going to come from this experience! 
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