Wednesday, March 13

Heart Art~

Sometimes I just marvel at the creative process. The manner in which ideas stream in and out of my brain. Sometimes it's completely obvious, like when I see something inspiring and I just have to create. Other times there is a product that I'm really compelled to work with. Sometimes I just need to create something, anything. Most often those times are just creative play. No rules, no expectations. Regardless how the creativity comes about it's all deeply personal to me. I'm connected to each piece in a way I never really imagined possible. Like little art children. It's Heart Art, straight from my soul. Good, bad, or otherwise. So, it really shouldn't have come as a surprise to me that my emotional state would have such a big impact on my creative state.

Let me explain the story behind this piece. A few weeks ago I was having a pretty heated fight with someone I care very much about. I was completely immersed in this fight. I was swimming in a pool of pure, raw emotions. So much so that I needed an outlet and I decided to paint. Angry painting! I was slapping down paint, half hazardly. Not really thinking, just feeling. The result was awe inspiring in two parts. Creating made me feel so much better, it was the untimate release of all of the negative feelings I was experiencing. You have to love art therapy! Secondly, I absolutely love the piece! I can see so many things about it that I would have talked myself out of otherwise. Brilliant!  
Could you benefit from a little art therapy? 

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