Thursday, March 21

Make Way For Ducklings~

Spring has sprung! We are so ready for Winter to be over. For warmer weather, blooming plants, and more light. Around here we are making way for ducklings, well watercolor ones anyway. Ducklings in fancy scarves no less. 

I must confess that this is not my usual cup of tea. I created it for the Art of Spring workshop. It was a lot of fun! Sometimes it's good to step out and stretch those creative muscles! I am definitely a novice when it comes to watercolor but, I am loving the process. Diving in and getting a bit sketchy. I have a lot of pieces just waiting to be shared. I'm waiting for a day with good light. Waiting patiently for the right timing. Did I mention that I created the duckling in my art journal? I am nearing the last few pages. It's exciting and sad at the same time. Time to scout out a new one. Trying to decide what should round of those last pages. Decisions, decisions.... 
Thanks for stopping by!

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