Friday, March 22

I Love You The Mostest~

Hey, friends! It's Friday and the beginning of Spring Break. Which would normally bring a sense of undeniable jubilation to my household. Unfortunately, we have been visited by the flu fairy. Nasty business to be sure! Alas, even that can not keep me from sharing this latest piece with you.

Titled "I love you the mostest". It's what my mom and I always say to each other. I was playing around one night last week after the kids went to bed. I have been wanting to try some pieces with a little bit more whimsy, more make believe. This is the first go. Isn't she lovely? She just looks so happy to me! Anyway, when I was finished painting her I stood back and asked myself what she was saying. It came to be like a whisper. "I love you the mostest!" So, there you have it. I used a 9"x11" canvas board. I think this is my new favorite surface to work on. There are so many different elements and mediums working here, pattern paper, paint, gelatos, oil pastels, markers, Pitt Pens, and lots of other textural goodness. It just makes my heart happy! 
Have a lovely weekend.

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Chez Terez said...

Steph you are so talented I LOVE this piece it reminds me if Lily!

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