Tuesday, March 26

She Felt Blessed~

On this most precious week leading up to Easter I am counting my blessings. Big blessings, little blessings, I am counting them all. Coincidentally, I am also reading Ann Voskamp's amazing book. A Thousand Gifts.
When I started reading it last week I had no idea how perfectly it would relate to this week of blessings. I didn't count on my eyes and heart opening up to the feast that is my life. It's all there, right in front of me. I just had to stop and see it. See the blessings and give thanks for them. It's truly transcendent!

Which brings me to this lovely girl. She is breathing deep, she is counting her blessings. She feels so blessed! It's too easy to wallow in the negative. She is choosing to see the good in everything. 
She Felt Blessed is a mixed media collage painting on 8"x10" canvas. There is so much textural goodness happening here. Pattern paper, paint, washi tape, markers, Pitt Pen doodles, stamps, coffee filter, tissue paper, paper flowers, and so much more! Layers upon layers!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous day!


Chez Terez said...

Steph--I have been blown away by your last three pieces. You are truly coming into your own. Beautiful work!

Vicki Maheu said...

Beautiful work and wonderful thoughts! Just found your blog through the art blog hop, and so faar I really like what I see.

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