Monday, April 15

Listen To Your Heart~

Hello, hello! I have a new piece to share with you today. I am so thankful that I was able to carve out some time last week to paint. Life is busy and full right now.  

 I felt like mixing it up a bit with my color palette. I can be such a challenge to choose different colors than I normally use. There is a certain comfort in sticking to my "usual". So, I decided to stretch those creative muscles and the truth is I absolutely love the results. Who knew I could use pink as a primary color? LOL! It completely paid off to take a risk. I couldn't help but include a little turquoise though. :) Sometimes when I create a piece I know exactly what I want to say, other times I have no idea. I wait and let the girl tell me. I felt like she was saying "Listen to your heart". It's such wise advice! 

I am off to plant my garden starts. We have plans for a large variety of veggies this year. I am so excited! I love to garden and get so excited every time I go out to the garden and find another vegetable ready to harvest! Pure joy!
Thanks for stopping by!

Listen To Your Heart is a 8"x10" mixed media painting on canvas

P.S. My thoughts and prayers are with Boston. It's so sad to hear of such a horrible and senseless tragedy.

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