Thursday, April 11

Forever and Always~

It's Parent/Teacher conference week for my boys which means no school. For the most part I love having them home except when it comes to getting some work done! It can be such a challenge to find that balance between playtime and work time especially, when I have four little people who want my immediate attention. I'm famous for saying "Just a minute". Don't they understand that I am in an art groove, that it isn't aways here and I need to ride the creativity wave? NOPE! I take a deep breathe and remind myself that they are my reason for everything that I do and this time, their childhood is passing in a flash. I am so blessed to be here with them! 

I have always loved fairy tales but, living them through my children's eyes is a precious experience. They are my inspiration for this piece, for the whimsy collection. 

Can I just say that I adore this piece? I absolutely love the way that it turned out! The colors and feeling of innocence. I hope that you enjoy it!

Forever and Always is a 9"x12" mixed media painting on canvas board.

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Shonna said...

Stephanie!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment!! I'm so glad you did because I am loving your blog and artwork!!


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