Thursday, July 25

Try, try again~

Hello, hello! Creative playtime is definitely taking a backseat to all that the Summer has to offer. No worries! We are going with the flow around here. I am still immersed in the giant stack of art books I checked out from the library recently. They are filled with so much juicy inspiration! I have been taking new adventurous (for me) risks in my Art Journal. I created this page a few days ago in a flash of inspiration. When it was finished I hated the result. It was just terrible! I set it aside and just let it go. The next day I pulled out the same page and decided to keep at it!

I was determined to get my page to a place that I at least didn't hate. I mean, I really couldn't ruin it! LOL! I started smudging paint here and there with my fingers (my favorite paintbrush). I stamped a little and painted over it. I was building up some lovely layers. This is what I ended up with. I could have continued painting but, I was happy with what I had. It's not a masterpiece but, it is a finished page in my art journal and a reminder to try, try again until I am happy with the results. 


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