Monday, July 15

Just Go For It~

Summer is in full swing around here. The kids have adjusted to staying up later and sleeping in. We have an entire day stretched before us with no commitments. So many options on how to fill it. I know I definitely need some creative time in there somewhere. 

Last week I managed a little time to get create in my art journal. I was watching a Inspiration Wednesday from Donna Downey. I loved what she was creating so much that I grabbed my art journal and created along with her. If you have never watched her Inspiration Wednesday videos I really recommend them. I love how she just goes for it!

My page is less elaborate then hers but, I wasn't trying to recreate it as much as being inspired by the color and base technique. I love that it's got all of the amazing texture and text (I swoon). I love the color combination. It feels clean and yet complex. It is by far my favorite page in my art journal right now! Have you been loving a piece of art, product or technique that you have seen? Grab your art journal and just for it! You never know how it will turn out until you try. Happy Monday!

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