Monday, August 12

If You Change Nothing~

Happy Monday friends! We are slowly getting into our Monday around here. In fact some of the kiddos are still sleeping. I dare not wake them! Instead I thought I would steal these precious quiet moments to blog a little. We had a fantastic weekend! The best part was last night when we had dinner with my cousins. We rarely have the chance to get together. One of the best parts was watching our kids run around and play together. My cousin Christy and I both have 5 year old girls, they were fast friends! It warms my heart to see this new found connection! I have such great memories of growing up with my cousins. I just wish we didn't live so far from each other. All of this has nothing to do with the page that I am sharing today but, thanks for listening to me go on and on. :)

If you change nothing, nothing will change. That is the sentiment that I have to share for today and it's just so true! I am going through a period of great change and adjustment right now. It's painful and necessary. The truth is we are getting older, each and everyone of us. If you look at the landscape of your life and you don't like what you see, what are you going to do about it? Well you can do nothing and stay unhappy or you can make changes. Every little one counts! This is a reminder to me, to make those changes.
 This art journal page was so much fun to make! It has layers and layers of texture and paint, ink, pen work, tissue tape, stamps, newspaper, it's got shimmery bits, letters, and punctuation with no point! It started to get a bit grungy and I knew it was finished. I have been creating up a storm around here. I can't wait to share more with you later in the week. Until then have a fabulous Monday and thanks for stopping by!

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