Friday, August 9

The Heaviness of the World~

Happy Friday Friends! The weekend is almost here! That means two whole days of nothing but family time! I have so been looking forward to it this week! I have a dear cousin and her family coming in from half way across the country for a short visit.. I am planning on soaking up every second of time with them that I can!  

What we have here is a lovely detail shot of my latest Art Journal page. I just love all of the layers, paint, ink, stamps, pen, rub-ons, book paper... I swoon!

I was thinking while I was putting the finishing touches on this page how glad I am that I took the Art Journal plunge. For years I would see these amazing AJ pages in glossy magazines and I told myself that I could never create anything like that, all the while secretly wishing that I could. While I may not have created anything quite as fine as the masterpieces that I loved so much, I have jumped down this artistic rabbit hole and created a person treasure all my own! I am being brave (for me) with my art and my heart. I am trying new things and not really worrying about the outcome. It's liberating and invigorating. I can not recommend it enough! So grab a book, or just some paper and make it messy. You won't regret it! This page reads "Art is you being free from the heaviness of the world".  It is so very true. Art is freedom! I would love to visit your blog and see what you have created. Feel free to leave a link in the comments. Happy Friday! 

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Lavender Knits said...

It's funny but I look at you pages and think wow! I love the free-ness of your work. There's so much energy in them. Your pages are a great inspiration.

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