Thursday, November 14

Birthday Bookmark~

I have an awful cold, the kind where you just want to climb under your covers and hibernate until spring. Since I have four little people who need me to be their cruise director hibernating is sadly not possible. Besides I have this sweet little card/bookmark set to share with you today. Lucky you!

I really don't craft very often, but when I do I always remember why I love it so much! I wanted to make a special bookmark for Riley's birthday. We are really trying to make reading fun this year! The layout is pretty straight forward. A few layers and some stamping paired with the adorable Tiddly Inks image that is colored with Copics and then run through the Xyron for lamination. I absolutely LOVE Tiddly Inks stamps, especially the selection of "boy" stamps!

I really wish I could take credit for the genius of this clean card design. Alas, I CASE'd it from the brilliant MelJen's Design courtesy of Pinterest. I was so short on time I just needed to get something created (why do I always wait until the last minute? It's not like I haven't know all year that he was going to have a birthday!) plus it's so cute! Riley LOVES red so that part was easy to decide on. I have to confess that I have had this Basic Grey in my stash, in a complete bundle that I bought at Creating Keepsakes Convention back in *AHEM* 2006! Well I ripped open the plastic wrap and cut right into it. Ha! The funny thing about that convention as I remember it was that my sister and I attended with a 2 month old and 4 month old strapped into their snugglies on our chests. Anything in the name of crafting! Well, cupcakes that does it for today. Thanks for sticking with me as I strolled down memory lane. I'm off to find some DayQuil and a comfy place to hide from the kids. If you don't hear from me in a week or so send a search party. 

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