Thursday, February 13


Hello, hello! It's been too long since I've had anything to share. Life has prevented me from doing much painting and I have been itching to create something! I have been thinking about this project for days. Last night as I was just tucking in for bedtime I thought to myself "who needs sleep"? Well, I do really, but at that moment I needed art more! :)

This beauty is a 4"x4" canvas which is just about the sweetest little thing ever! They make absolutely adorable little decor pieces that you can give or ... keep! 

As I said before I have been thinking about this project for days. This year has been pretty crappy for my family, but it has shown us how blessed we are to have amazing family and friends. One of the people who has helped me so much is my daughter's teacher. She is truly an amazing person! She is kind, thoughtful, patient and she looks out for my kids! Which takes a huge weight off of my mind. Anyway, she loves Valentines day and I thought it would be fun to create a special little piece of decor for her. Truly, I had fun making this sweet piece and that is something that I needed a lot. I loved the finished product so much that I thought for a split second about keeping it for myself. Teehee! That's all I have for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a Happy Valentines Day!
4" mixed media collage painting on canvas. The "Love" sticker is by Pink Paislee.


Brianne said...

I love this piece! You are so talented!

Sarah A. said...

I think she'll love it! You are so sweet...

Chris / CS Designs said...

Steph, What a lovely gift. I love the bright colors and the intricate little detailing you added. I am sure your teacher friend will love it too.
:) Chris / CS Designs

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