Thursday, May 8

Throwback Thursday~

It's Throwback Thursday friends! I thought it would be fun to pull up a few old pieces and see just how far I have come. Let's start by going back to the beginning.

Here's the piece that started my artistic journey. I was so eager and green. I kind of love that it started with FAITH.

I'm glad I kept on going because She'll Fly Farther is still one of my favorite pieces.

Fast forward about two years from before and a year ago from now. I tried my hand at something simpler. I love that I was still growing and changing and striving to find my style.

I thought I would really step out there and go a little crazy. All in the name of art. 

That pretty much brings us up to date. This is mainly my current style. Girls on a multicolored multi textured background. I am thankful for art. I don't think I am the greatest thing out there but I am finally happy to be me and that means everything! Thanks for joining me on this Throwback Thursday art journey. Stay tuned for something new soon.


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