Thursday, June 5

Love You So Much~

Hello, hello Friends! My kitchen/studio is currently a disaster due to the fact that my lovely husband is installing a skylight. I am so very excited for the prospect of proper light in my dark, little studio. However, it's taking longer than expected and it is making it a real challenge to paint anything. :)

Love You So Much

I have been working on this piece for a few weeks now. I had it mostly complete and than just... nothing! It can really be a challenge to pick up where I have left off once the mojo is gone. This little lady might look a little familiar. Well, she is the second in a series I have been working on for ever so long.

Forever And Always

This lovely was the first. This piece really has a special place in my heart but I have wanted him to have a friend. I can't exactly say that I love her as much as I love him. Still she is a cutie and I will leave it at that. Who knows what is next. I can't imagine that this is the end of this series. So, we will just see what comes next. I do love an adventure! :) Thanks for stopping by.


Love You So Much is an 8"x10" Mixed Media Painting on Canvas Panel
Forever and Always is an 11"x14" Mixed Media Painting on Canvas Panel

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