Tuesday, June 10

Around Here~

Hello friends! There are so many things happening around here lately. Unfortunately, painting isn't really one of them. Ho hum! 

Let there be light!

As I mentioned in my last post my darling husband is in the process of putting a light tunnel in our kitchen/studio. So far this is what it looks like. Slowly but surely! LOL! The main focus of our world around here has been the last day of school. That day is today! Hurrah! It's finally here.

The anticipation around here has been at a fever pitch. Time for Summer vacation. Well, more like staycation this year. Nonetheless, there are popsicles to be eaten, bottles of bubbles to spill, and knees to skin. Bring it on! Before we can jump headlong into the festivities there are teachers and a wonderful bus driver to thank for an absolutely delightful school year. I really don't think it could have gone better! :)

I must admit that I CASE'd this card from the gorgeous new Stampin' Up! catalog. If you haven't seen it, drop what you are doing and get yourself one! It'll be worth it. Having said that I don't love this card but, I didn't feel well yesterday and of course I left my card making to the last day. I needed 5 of them and it's been ever so long since I have actually made a card. So, I settled on this nifty little design (the original looks better. :( )

I found this idea for the gifts on Pinterest. I found the cups at Target and I filled them with a nail file, Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares, lip balm  Lemonade and Ice Tea singles, and a nail polish. Just a small way to say "THANK YOU". The teachers work so hard and honestly I don't know how they manage. If it was up to me there would make loads of money and have all expense trips to somewhere tropical every Summer. Since it's not up to me they get a cup with goodies and a card. :)

Since I left the gifts to the last minute. Why do I always do that, anyway? I realized last night that the gift bags I thought  I had, I actually didn't. Tissue paper and ribbon to the rescue! I didn't want the cards to get lost so I popped them in the envelopes and punched a hole in the corner, then threaded the ribbon through the hole to attach it. A little washi tape sealed the unruly seems. Voila! And that is what we have been up to. I am so hoping to have something artsy to share really soon! Let's see how well I can manage creating art and having kids home at the same time. TTYL!

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