Friday, July 18


Many apologies for my long absence. This has been one heck of a year around here. Just when I think we are finally getting back to "normal" life swings in like a wrecking ball and knocks us off course. I can't even get into it really. It's just too much. So, instead I am going to share a new piece with you. She has been sitting on my desk in various states of evolution for over a month. I give you HOPE.

She has come so very far, the girl with the red hair. What I originally started out with is miles from where she ended up. It took me a long time to say that she was complete. She is sailing and she is accompanied on her journey by her friend the black bird and Hope, her trusty boat. I really feel like she is more then just a painting, she is a story humming along in the back of my mind. Who knows where she will end up. For now she is hanging out here on the sea of life, content. That's about all for now. I am going to try really hard to have some new things to share really soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Hope is a 7"x11" Mixed Media Collage painting on canvas

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