Thursday, July 31

Throwback Thursday, the Whimsy Collection~

It's throwback Thursday, Sherbert Ink style. Unfortunately, I don't have anything new to share but I thought it might be fun to dust off a few of my past favorite pieces and revisit them for a minute. :)

This is the second piece in what I fondly call the "Whimsy Collection". To this day it is still one of my very favorite pieces. It really made me feel like an artist. Sometimes I still can't believe that I painted it! HA! I love how this little guy looks so innocent and sweet. He very well may be my white rabbit of paintings,  I am forever chasing the feeling that I somehow managed to capture here in every new piece I create. 

What would a collection of paintings focused on whimsy be without a flamingo in a top hat? :) This lovely little guy first appeared in May 2013. My sister gave me the challenge of painting a flamingo and so I did. It was a brave new concept for me to just paint something because I wanted to. I love his little top hat and his stance. He is definitely up to something! :)

Thus concludes my little Throwback Thursday Sherbert Ink style. Thank you so much for stopping by. With any luck the stars will align and I will get creatively unblocked and have something new to share really soon. TTFN!

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