Monday, September 22

Creative Play~

Oh, what a weekend! Miss H went and turned 7 on Friday. Where did the time go? The only thing she wanted for her birthday was art supplies (apples and trees) and to go shopping. Saturday morning the two of us went for a quick bite and then to the art supply store. I absolutely love who this little lady is turning into, she is smart and funny. I love seeing the world through her eyes!

She saw this 36 piece art kit and just had to have it! You know the one you had when you were a kid with the waxy crayons and erasure that pops out every time you open the case? She absolutely loves the heck out of it! She also got an art journal and she has been happily filling it all weekend with drawings, paintings and magazine cutouts. It makes my mama heart go pitter patter! :)

Honestly, I wasn't planning on buying anything for myself. I really should have known better. They had the large Dylusions journal ( yes, the one I have been drooling over for months) on sale. As, well as the Dylusions Spray Inks. Be still my heart and my wallet! Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am an art supply junky!  

These spray inks are usually about $6 a bottle so I had convinced myself that I really didn't need them. Then I saw them on sale and picked up three bottles. I busted into them immediately upon returning home, like Augustus Gloop and the chocolate room! Holy smokes, they are AMAZING! I turned around and headed back to the art store. I had to have them!!! ;) I limited myself to 6 more, I definitely want the whole line of colors. They are so pigmented and juicy and wonderful, and here on Monday morning my hands are still stained blue/green and it makes me crazy happy! Being me I made swatch cards for them. We have After Midnight, Crushed Grape, Calyso Teal, Cherry Pie, Bubblegum Pink, Dirty Martini, Pure Sunshine, Squeezed Orange, and of course White Linen. It's true love! I gush! Time to go play. Have a beautiful Monday friends!

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