Monday, February 4

For a gentle way of life~

Yesterday we spontaneously decided to throw the kids in the car and head to the coast for the day. I love these little impromptu adventures. They really don't happen as often as they use to. We get swept up with the busyness of life and sometimes forget to just be.

The kids were starving (despite a plethora of snacks) and starting to get grouchy so we stopped at this lovely little restaurant for lunch. I was thankful that it was Superbowl Sunday because, there was almost no people in the place and no wait time. With 4 hungry little kiddos, you just never know what is going to happen. I really try to avoid mass public meltdowns when possible. I'm not a masochist, after all. After lunch the kids headed for a walk to the beach with Dad and I popped into a lovely little shop with my sister. Seriously, they had the coolest things! A piece of furniture by Kelly Rae Roberts, and tons of work from Anahata Katkin. I have to admit that this was an introduction to her work. How I have missed her all of these years is beyond me. I swoon!

This morning has found me at the beginning of a new week, with two sick kids. Not my favorite way to start the week. I hope they feel better soon, keep it to themselves, and that I can get to a little bit of creating in between naps and baths. We shall see. I am just itching to create something....

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