Friday, April 26

Stand In Your Truth~

It's Friday, the sky is seriously blue and the sun is shining it's little heart out! The kids have no school so it's going to be a play day! I had to pop on the old blog for a minute to share this piece with you.

I'd like to introduce you to Stand In Your Truth. It's a little bit early in the morning for getting too terrible deep. However, this sentiment really resinates with me, perhaps it coincides with this journey that I am on. Getting to know who I am and what I have to say. For me Stand In Your Truth means that sometimes you will be standing all alone with your unpopular opinion but, it doesn't matter as long as you are true to you. Whew, I said I wasn't gonna get deep. I just couldn't help myself. Anyway, this lady has been sitting for a while waiting to be finished. She is definitely a departure from my "usual" color palette which was intentional. I was trying to stretch my creative muscles, it turned out to be a bigger challenge than I bargained for. I got stuck and she sat. I'm so excited that she is finished now. Thanks for stopping by the blog. It means so much to me! Have yourself a fantastic weekend!

Stand In Your Truth is an 8"x10" Mixed-Media collage painting on canvas.

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