Thursday, April 25

You Are Loved~

My focus this week has been on reclaiming my half finished pieces. It can be such a creative challenge to get back to them. Remember this faceless darling?

I have stared at her for so many weeks that finishing her almost felt intimidating. I usually finish a piece in one sitting so I don't really have time to think about messing them up. LOL! I simply decided it was time for her to reveal her face and deliver her message! Hurrah!

We had our challenges and struggles getting to this finished place. She looks much younger than I intended but, I think it was meant to be. I am quite pleased with the finished results. Her message is simply this; "You Are Loved"!
I feel like it's such an important message for us to hear. You are loved, right now, this very minute!
Have a brilliant day!
You Are Loved is an 8"x10" Mixed-Media collage painting on canvas. 

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