Saturday, May 18

Dance In The Rain~

What a difference a day makes! A couple of days ago I was having a horrible day. I was grumpy and burned out. I was sure that I would never paint again, I mean what is the point I asked myself? I was feeling very disconnected and frankly, sorry for myself. Do you ever feel that way? It wasn't pretty! Friday morning dawned and just like a bad storm my mood had blown away in the night. What a relief!

I was ready to paint. I didn't think about what I was going to create, what colors or textures I was going to incorporate, I was like a mad scientist with a burning desire to see my creation come to life. This is what came of it~ Dance In The Rain. I hope that you like it as much as I do! It was funny after I was finished drawing her face I stood back and had this wonderful  "Ah ha" moment. "There you are" I said to myself out-loud. That may sound really strange but, she was inside my brain and then she was on the canvas, seeing her come to "life" was a brilliant feeling!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Dance In The Rain is an 8"x10" mixed media collage painting on canvas.

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Paper rainbow said...

I connect very much with your Thursday morning blues, It is so strange that often the new dawn can bring a whole new perspective, Love your mad scientist description and your 'Dance in the rain is beautifu'l

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