Thursday, May 2

You Are Enough~

Happy Thursday all! I have a fun piece to share with you today. I am really excited about the addition of purple. That probably seems really silly and maybe it is. Creatively it is so easy to stick to what is comfortable and forget that the world is full of so many other colors. LOL!

I give you You Are Enough. I think she kind of looks like a fairy tale princess. Her world looks sort of dreamy to me. I just LOVE it! I added a little bit of corrugated cardboard for texture! To be honest it makes me ridiculously happy! I tell you it's the simple things! A little bit of doodling, which I am becoming much more comfortable with adds some interest and layers. It's almost meditative to doodle away. As always thank you for stopping by! Have a fantastic day!
You Are Enough is an 8"x10" Mixed-Media Collage painting on canvas.

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