Wednesday, June 19

This and That~

 We've made it to Wednesday! Hurrah! I managed a little Art Journaling yesterday but, it's not ready for sharing yet. I have been listening to Jars of Clay Under The Weather on repeat. It just has this amazing energy, the way that only live music can. Lily always claps her hands and spins in circles when I turn it on. Priceless!

Hailey has taken up semi-permanant residince in this tree in our backyard. Just try to keep her out of it, I dare you! I keep saying "Not so high"! She truly is the most fearless person I have ever met which makes Mama's heart skip a beat quite frequently!

Andy surprised me the other day with this lovely Lemon Tart from my favorite dessert place~ Papa Hyden. It was delicious!

Lily's little face gets me every time. This is her camera smile right now.

Daddy and Lily enjoying a little before dinner camping nap!

Lastly, when passing through Tillamook it is an absolute must to stop at the cheese factory and have ice cream. In our case it was 9:30am and the kids were thrilled to have it for breakfast. When on vacation! My brother Dan and Riley and Taylor jumped in the Loaf van for a quick pic. 

Today I have errands and packing to do. My family is going camping and it really would be easier to put wheels on the house. Alas, Lily and I are not joining them on this trip so that means 3 days of just Mama and the 2 year old. It will be a blissful vacation for all! LOL! I just hope I can squeeze some painting in today amidst all of the pre-camping chaos. We shall see!

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miha4sora said...

That lemon tart is making me hungry :)

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