Monday, August 26


Hello, hello! I have been waiting to share this new art journal page with you!

Dream~ "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

I love this saying and it was so very perfect for this page! I was working on a different page and using this one as a place to add bits of this and that, that I didn't want wasted. Everything came about in a completely organic manner and I absolutely love it! I added cardboard circles for a delightful bit of texture. It makes me ridiculously happy. Who knew that cardboard could make me so happy? ;) Lastly, we have a ton of stamping, paint, washi tape, ink, and doodling. Just a touch of doodling to go with my hand lettering. I am having so much fun being brave and trying my hand (literally) at using my own letters. I kinda love them! 

I have created a new gallery for viewing my art work. It's really awesome to see all of my work laid out in one place. It makes me feel all grown-up or something. Check it out! Thanks for stopping by!

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Lavender Knits said...

Your gallery is really cool! What a great idea! A great way to see the progression of your artwork.

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