Friday, September 6

Same Soul~

Hello, hello, hello! It's finally Friday! My kiddo's head back to school on Monday. They are soaking up every last ounce of Summer vacation, if for no other reason then to keep the boredom at bay. Seriously, Mommy needs them to go back to school! LOL! Mostly, I kid! Yesterday, in between folding load after load of laundry and playing referee I managed a little time in my art journal. Huzzah!    

"He's more myself than I am, Whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same." Emily Bronte~

Ah, the brilliance of Emily Bronte! I confess that Wuthering Heights tortured me in High School. Perhaps it's time to dig it out of my old trunk and read it again. Back to the art journal page. I am seriously forming an addiction to fluorescent these days. It's a little hard to tell here because the color is slightly off but, trust me it's there. a POP of Pink. I acquired hot pink and hot red acrylic paint from a fabulous little local art store last week, and yesterday I finally received my fluorescent pastels from Gallery. I have been drooling over them for awhile now!

I think that is enough rambling for one day. It's a rainy, windy day today so that means house-bound children. "Calgon, take me away"!
For your listening pleasure~ Jars of Clay NoiseTrade EastSide Manor Mix

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Nancy B said...

Love your pretty art journaling page! It reminds me of "the two shall become one".

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