Thursday, September 4

Back To School Cool~

Today is the day! You know, the one where we trade lazy mornings for up with the sun and rush to get everyone ready and out the door. The kids were all up early, filled with first day excitement and nerves.

Some wise people say "happy wife, happy life." I personally subscribe to the theory that a well caffeinated teacher is a happy one! So, it really can't hurt to start the year off with a little "getting to know you" gift. Seriously, though I just spent an entire Summer with my children and I appreciate how hard teachers work! The mini glassine gift bags are from Target, and unfortunately I can't remember where the Washi tape is from. I decided to keep it simple, (especially since in true Steph fashion, I left it to the last minute) $5 gift card, a few Cafe Rio Coffee caramels and the card. Easy breezy!

The card is nothing to write home about but seeing as how I stamp so infrequently these days I'm putting it out there. The stamp is from a retired? Stampin' Up! set that has been collecting dust, and desperately wanted to be come out and play. :)

Oh, yeah Martha Stewart's got nothing on me! ;) I had this whole back to school lunch thing planned out in my head last night, fresh fruit salad, PB&J "Sushi", and homemade granola, of course it really would have been helpful if I had ensured that we had the ingredients for this dream meal or if the children would eat it. 

What would BTS be without the first day photos? Some were more cooperative then others. Just one more I hissed, no don't touch your sister, please, just smile, we are almost done! Oy! 7:45am and I already need a break, sure hope I can convince the three year old that "big girls" take naps, I know this one needs one. How many more days until Winter break?

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